Variable time. 2019.

Away from us



Video. 12 min 30 sec. 2017.
This slide show of a hundred images is built from a collection of more than 3000. I found them in a bin in London. By juxtaposing them, the images redraw the life of a gay man in the 70s...


Video installation. (2016-ongoing)
Pink is a documentary slideshow built from « pink things » that I found in the street (cars, flowers, abandoned objects, plastic bags…). These objects queer the urban space and destabilize visually its homogeneity and its rationalism.

This is not an abstract abstraction

Video. 7 min 32 sec. 2016.
This is not an abstract abstraction uses the form of an audiovisual conference. It highlights a quasi-psychedelic theory of the creative process and of the reality of the artist’s life.

Still Life

Video installation. 2016.

Color (excerpt)

35 mm. 5 min. 2015.


35 mm film. 7 min. 2012.

Film (excerpt)

35 mm. 5 min. 2012.


Video. 35 min 17 sec. 2011
Trying to build a new reality to contest the gentrification of my neighbourhood; understanding that today the construction of a community is perhaps a social and performative act, I started to dig an allotment in the Heygate Estate near Elephant and Castle....

The Jungle

Video. 30 min 43 sec. 2011

The Armenistis Experience

Performance documentation. With Rania Bellou. 2008.